Unlock Your Business's Potential With Business Intelligence Insights From LynxERP's Comprehensive Reports

Maximize Business Efficiency with LynxERP's Comprehensive Reports

Leverage the power of data for informed decision-making and operational efficiency with LynxERP's wide-ranging reports.

Sales Reports

LynxERP offers extensive sales reports, including:

  • Sales By Department: Track the performance of various departments.
  • Sales By Vendor: Gauge the contribution of each vendor.
  • Sales By Category: Understand sales segmented by categories.
  • Sales By Product: Evaluate the sales of individual products.
  • Sales By Customer: Identify customer purchasing patterns.
  • Sales By Sales Rep: Monitor the performance of your sales representatives.
  • Sales By Clerk: Measure the productivity of your clerks.
  • Price Exception Report: Find and rectify pricing discrepancies.
  • Sales Journal: Maintain a record of all sales transactions.
  • Margin Analysis: Gain insights into your profit margins.
  • Pending Rental Items: Stay updated on the status of rental items.
  • Hourly Order Report: Track sales trends on an hourly basis.

Purchase Reports

LynxERP's Purchase Reports provide valuable procurement data:

  • Purchase By Department: Manage department-wise purchases.
  • Purchase By Vendor: Analyze purchases from different vendors.
  • Purchase By Category: Oversee purchases segmented by categories.
  • Purchase By Product: Monitor purchases of individual products.
  • Purchase Journal: Keep a detailed record of all purchase transactions.

Accounts Reports

LynxERP’s Accounts Reports facilitate financial clarity:

  • Trial Balance: Verify the accuracy of your accounting.
  • Income Statement: Understand the profitability of your business.
  • Balance Sheet: Get a snapshot of your financial health.
  • Day End Report: Review daily financial activities.
  • Ledgers: Check your financial records.
  • Sales Tax Report: Stay updated on sales tax transactions.
  • Journal Entries Report: Monitor all your accounting entries.

Vendor Balance Reports

LynxERP provides vendor balance reports, including:

  • A/P Aging: Understand the time frame of payable accounts.
  • AP Statements: Review vendor account statements.

Customer Balance Reports

LynxERP’s customer balance reports include:

  • A/R Aging: Track the time frame of receivable accounts.
  • Statements: Monitor customer account statements.
  • Record Cheque: Log cheque transactions.
  • Paid Logs: Keep a record of payments made.
  • Transaction List: Review all customer transactions.

Stock Reports

LynxERP's Stock Reports provide critical inventory data:

  • Stock Report: Track your overall stock levels.
  • Stock Valuation: Evaluate the monetary value of your stock.
  • Stock Valuation Archives: Review past stock valuations.
  • Vendor Stock Report: Monitor stock from different vendors.
  • Stock Location: Track the location of your stock.
  • Stock Reservation: Keep track of reserved stock.
  • Stock Allocation: Manage the distribution of your stock.
  • Out Of Stock: Stay updated on out-of-stock items.
  • Dead Stock: Monitor items that have not moved in a certain period.
  • Stock Adjustment Logs: Keep a record of stock adjustments.

System Logs

LynxERP’s System Logs include:

  • System Logs: Monitor system activities.
  • Notifications: Stay updated with system notifications.
  • Emails: Keep a record of system-generated emails.
  • Payment Logs: Track payment activities.
  • Contact Inquiries: Log all contact inquiries.


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