Unlock Success With LynxERP

Manage sales, inventory, and purchases, while harnessing the power of APIs and EDI connections to dominate online marketplaces, while optimizing your online e-commerce store

Unlock Success With LynxERP

Empowering Businesses with ERP Solutions Automation, EDI Integration, and E-commerce Store

Introducing LynxErp, a robust ERP solution designed to streamline and optimize your business processes. With LynxErp, you can effortlessly manage sales, fulfillments, purchases, stock, inventory, and accounting. What sets LynxErp apart is its seamless integration with over 25 major marketplaces through EDI and APIs, allowing you to expand your reach and maximize your online presence. Additionally, LynxErp comes with a powerful online ecommerce store, enabling you to create a seamless customer experience from browsing to purchase. Take your business to new heights with LynxErp's comprehensive features and integrations.

EDI capabilities
& sales automation

At LynxERP , our dedicated team offers comprehensive EDI, API capabilities and sales automation. With our system, businesses can seamlessly transmit essential EDI documents and integrate REST APIs.

Accurate inventory
management system

The perfect solution for accurate inventory tracking. With its robust software and real-time updates, LynxERP ensures precise stock management, seamless supply chain tracking.

Visibility into
sales & performance

Gain valuable visibility into sales and performance with our comprehensive software. Track real-time data, analyze trends, and make informed decisions to drive business growth and maximize profitability. Boost your sales performance with LynxERP .

Timely procurement
& reducing manual tasks

LynxERP revolutionizes the purchase process by seamlessly automating every step, from vendor selection to order placement, ensuring timely procurement, reducing manual tasks, and optimizing overall operational efficiency.

Integrated Marketplaces

Leverage LYNX's Dynamic Inventory and Invoicing: Integrated with Top Marketplaces via EDI. Discover LYNX's strength in real-time communication, ensuring continuous inventory availability for successful order fulfillments. Maximize your organization's efficiency with LYNX's automated solutions.

LYNX ERP Automation Tool

Transform Your Business with EDI-powered Automation

Enhance your business processes with LYNX, a powerful tool that leverages EDI to bring automation capabilities to new heights.

  • (850) Sales Order Automation
  • (855) Purchase Order Acknowledgment
  • (856) Advance Shipping Notice
  • (810) Invoicing
  • (846) Inventory Inquiry/Advice

Make informed decisions with LYNX's comprehensive notification system

comprehensive notification system. Stay updated on vital business factors that are crucial for smooth operations, keeping both you and Marketplaces in the loop.

  • Flexible, fast reporting: Generate comprehensive reports quickly and easily, improving decision-making and enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  • Access our data anywhere: Effortless accessibility to your data from anywhere, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive business growth no matter where you are.
  • Invite your entire team: Invite your entire team, fostering collaboration and enabling smooth communication to optimize productivity and streamline business operations.

Measure product usage and custom KPIs for every customer

Lynx provides businesses with the ability to measure product usage and track custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for every customer. This valuable feature allows businesses to gain insights into how their products are being utilized and create personalized KPIs to monitor customer success. With Lynx, businesses can make data-driven decisions, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive continuous product improvement.

  • Measure product usage: Lynx enables businesses to track and analyze how customers are using their products, providing valuable insights for product optimization.
  • Custom KPIs: With Lynx, businesses can define and monitor customized Key Performance Indicators specific to their customers, helping to evaluate success and identify areas for improvement.
  • Data-driven decision-making: By leveraging the measurement of product usage and custom KPIs, Lynx empowers businesses to make informed decisions that drive customer satisfaction and business growth.

Elevate Your Business Growth with Informed Decision-Driven Analytics

In LYNX, our advanced analytics feature enhances decision-making by providing insights into key areas such as Purchasing, Sales, Stock Allocation & Reservation, Accounts Payable & Receivables, Price & Stock Management for Marketplaces, and Workforce Performance. Optimize your business operations and drive growth with our analytics capabilities.

Personalized Support and Data Security for Business Success

LynxERP understands the unique challenges businesses face in the digital marketplace. With personalized support and cutting-edge ERP solutions, we equip businesses with the tools they need to succeed. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless implementation process and ongoing guidance, addressing specific business needs. We prioritize data security and privacy, partnering with top-tier hosting providers and utilizing advanced security measures. LynxERP allows businesses to navigate the digital landscape confidently, with personalized support and comprehensive data security.

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