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Are you struggling to manage the entire order life cycle? With LYNX ERP system, you can easily keep track of every step from when an order is placed until it reaches its destination. Our intuitive and user-friendly platform allows you to quickly view, modify, and monitor orders in real-time. Plus, our powerful analytics engine helps you identify bottlenecks and optimize operations for maximum efficiency! Try LYNX today and streamline your entire order management process!

Your customers expect consistency when ordering from your business, no matter which warehouse or distribution point handles the order. Without regular audits, you can’t guarantee that all locations use the same standards and your customers are at risk of receiving an unreliable product. Our solution helps you automate auditing across all warehouses and distribution points to ensure that all locations use the same standards when taking customer orders. With our system, you can provide consistent service to your customers and ensure that there are no surprises.

Order Status

Track the progress of sales order at 9 different stages


Helps you manage & organize your operations

Time Lime

Track your Inventory & workforce Performance

Real-Time Response

Configurable real-time responses for the team

Full suite of
Orders Automation

LYNX integrated platform leverage the user to ship more than 1,000 orders daily

Integrate Multi-Channel E-Commerce Marketplaces using EDI documents 850, 855, 856, 810, 846, 997
Integrate your E-Commerce store. Manage all your Inventory, Products, Shipping & Invoices using LYNX
Integrate & Convert your existing website as an E-Commerce store. An additional channel to boost your sale
Walk In Customer - No Problem. Create orders using a POS system integrated with LYNX
With LYNX Generate Quotations for your customer. Convert Quotation to Sales Order upon confirmation
With LYNX Create and Issue Returns for the Sales Orders. Track Stock Levels in Real Time
Replacing Products or Parts made easy with LYNX. Now Track and Manage Stock Levels in Real Time
With LYNX Create Back orders for Out of Stock Products. Upon fresh stock arrival get notified & fulfill
Now Split Order for Partial Fulfillment. Get notified for the remaining part on stock arrival
Hold Orders and Reserve the Quantity for order fulfillment on later dates

LYNX helps you Manage, Measure and Increase
your Sales

Untangle the drop-shipping challenges with LYNX


Increased Efficiency

LYNX will keep track of Orders at 9 different stages so your energies can be spent in more productive ways!


Reduced Management

Let LYNX ERP handle your work burden by reminding the work force about their pending tasks!


Order Automation

Direct Integration with Sales Channels will help eliminate the manual order processing. Order's count touch the sky!


Increase In Sales

Lynx ERP will handle your work, even on holidays! With no more manual work you get more orders!